Sala Lodges Revisited

We were back to visit Sala Lodges in May and the resort is looking great. The resort is also getting rave reviews from visitors and travel writers for its combination of the character of an authentic Khmer village with the comfort and service of a luxury hotel. 
They have had at least three rice harvests since opening in early 2013 and in terms of the garden our only worry is that the mint in the herb gardens may not survive with the loss of all the leaves from all the mojitos we drank around (and in) the pool while there.
We did do a bit of work while there, but only some plant labeling and a briefing to enable the resort to run little tours of the resort grounds to show guest the plants, rice paddies, vegetable gardens and the animals that inhabit the area.

As usual we also took the chance to go to the Angkor Wat World Heritage site and the Temples at Bayon and Ta Prohm which are my favourites.