Gizmo's 9th Birthday

Gizmo is 9 years old today. Happy Hatchday Gizmo.
It's a normal day at SCLD's office for him and I guess he will have to try to learn to say his new age.

If we ask him how old he is he generally still says "six" or occasionally if I push it he says "I'm five". Time obviously doesn't mean much when you spend all day flying round the office causing trouble.  

So in celebration of his birthday here is a little gallery of the last nine years from his black eyed, clipped winged, messy feeding with a syringe arrival in the office, to his present acrobatic flying, white/yellow iris eyed, fully acrobatic flying, trouble making, talking and whistling self. 
More information about Giz below.

Gizmo's Bio

Name: Gizmo
Scientific Name: Psittacus erithacus erithacus 

Legband No: BII 11D 279
Hatchday: 5th June 2005
Age: 9 years old (but still thinks he is 5 or 6 when you ask him)
Country of Origin: Philippines
Species Origin: Central Africa 
Species Habitat: Swamp Forests & Mangroves
Gizmo's Habitat: SCLD Office, Shelves, & Bookcases 
CITES Permit No: 8218A-2005 21/07/2005
Date of Transfer to Owner (Steve) : 27 August 2005

Gizmo at Stephen Caffyn Landscape Design (SCLD) office on the top of the bookcase as usual - 5 June 2014

Favourite Tunes : Theme tunes from The Great Escape; Mission Impossible; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; The Mexican Hat Dance; and Popeye. 
Favourite Things: Ripping up paper and card; Stealing stuff and flying away laughing; Red things; Food - making lip smacking noises (even without lips) and saying "yum yum" if your eating in front of him; Being out of the cage for as long as possible; Imitating phone conversations; and imitating the staff in the middle of our conversations.

Gizmo - Close up

He just said he is "Six"