Gizmo's 13th Hatchday - Happy Hatchday Gizmo!

Gizmo is 13 years old today. Happy Hatchday Gizmo! 

Gizmo Emp of Year.JPG

Gizmo's Bio

Name: Gizmo Grey Caffyn
Scientific Name: Psittacus erithacus erithacus

Legband No: BII 11D 279
Hatchday: 5th June 2005
Age: 13 years old (but still thinks he is 5 or 6 when you ask him)
Country of Origin: Philippines
Species Origin: Central Africa
Species Habitat: Swamp Forests & Mangroves
Gizmo's Habitat: SCLD Office, Shelves, & Bookcases
CITES Permit No: 8218A-2005 21/07/2005
Date of Transfer to Owner (Steve): 27 August 2005

Favourite Tunes: Theme tunes from The Great Escape; Mission Impossible; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; The Mexican Hat Dance; and Popeye. 
Note: I'm pretty sure there is going to be a new favourite soon - The theme from Peppa Pig, since it is constantly playing at weekends when Gizmo is at home.
Favourite Things: Ripping up paper and card; Stealing stuff and flying away laughing; Red things; Food - making lip smacking noises (even without lips) and saying "yum yum" if your eating in front of him; Being out of the cage for as long as possible; Imitating phone conversations; and imitating the staff in the middle of our conversations.

Gizmo has had some surprises recently - such as a little brother Maximilian who is growing more mobile and active.

Gizmo and Max regarding each other from within their respective cages

Gizmo and Max regarding each other from within their respective cages

They have a lot in common though - both love chewing card and paper; grabbing stuff they shouldn't; trying to get your food or drink; and making a big mess while eating.
Gizmo knows and speaks more words than Max does at present but then he is older.

Gizmo in Black and White

Gizmo in Black and White

More photos to be added later ... after the Party!