Kranji Marshes Masterplan
Kranji Marshes Gate Entrance
Entrance Area at Kranji Marshes
Kranji Marshes Gate pond
Sculpture at Kranji Gate
View of Weaver Shelter at Neo Tiew Lane 2
Woodpecker Shelter
3D Visualization of the Marsh Station area at Kranji Marshes
The curving green roof of the Kingfisher Burrow
Kingfisher Burrow at the Marsh Station
The Raptor Tower at Kranji Marshes
Sketches of the Raptor Tower
Aerial view of the West Marsh area
View across the West Marsh at Kranji Marshes
Examples of some of SCLD's Educational Signage
Wayfinding Signage for Kranji Marshes
The completed Directional Signage
Preliminary design board 1
Preliminary design board 2
Purple Swamphen Logo
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